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The overall objective of Mixed Reality Application for Improving Mine Safety Culture in Underground Mining (MR4MS) is to improve the mine safety culture of the mining industry and to decrease the rate of injuries and life losses in mine accidents. MR4MS covers the development of an Mixed Reality (MR)environment that simulates an underground coal mineby utilizing Virtual Reality (VR)and MR technologies. Within its scope, the project is highly correlated with the global objective of the call, to improve occupational health and safety conditions and implementation of coherent and comprehensive strategies.

Özel Amacı
The project (MR4MS) is specific to the mining sector and will be performed in Turkey. It is expected to contribute to the development of a safety culture especially for the labor in underground mining, improve safety trainings and safety conditions, and facilitate the fulfilment of legislative requirements in the mining sector in Turkey. The specific objectives of the call, to improve working conditions, constitute safety culture at workplaces, capacity building, raise awareness, reach out the employers, employees and relevant stakeholders at a local level for the mining sector are determined as relevant concepts covered in this project by means of the actions and expected results.

Beklenen Sonuçlar
1-Determination of the primary occupational health and safety issues of underground mines in Turkey that could be modelled in a VR/MR environment via representative participation of the related institutions/universities/companies to the focus group meeting at least 20 participants.
2-Development and beta testing of a mixed-reality (MR) environment where the participants can experience different scenarios related to occupational health and safety issues of underground mines in Turkey.
3-Building a fundamental background in occupational health and safety by conventional and applied trainings by participants at least 30 participants.
4-Quantitative and qualitative analysis of training results for at least 30 participants.
5-Organization of a closing meeting with at least 30 participants.

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