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TREESP2.3.TUYEP/P-03/37 Establishment of the VOC-Test Centre for Metal Sector in...
Proje Genel Bilgileri
Genel Amacı
Overall Objective is to develop qualified and certified labour force, strengthening the link between education and employment, promoting validation of non-formal and informal learning and facilitating the harmonization of the Turkish Qualifications Framework with European Qualifications Framework in metal sector.

Özel Amacı
1. Supporting revision of national qualifications in heat treatment operator at level 3-4, freezer at level 3-4, CNC programmer at level 4 and CNC programmer at Level 5 for metal sector and establishment of Development Vocational Knowledge and Skills Testing and Certification Centre” (VOC-Test Centre) in heat treatment worker at level 3-4, steel welder at level 3, metal cutting operator at level 4 and metal sheet processor at level 4 for Metal sector to ensure the dissemination of efficient, sustainable and reliable NQS by enabling an appropriate, transparent and quality assured testing and certification structures.
2. Raising Awareness on VOC-Test Centers and validation of the selected competencies in the metal sector for Public and private sector, NGOs, education providers

Beklenen Sonuçlar
1. The VOC-Test Centre was set up. 6 national qualifications was revised and Exam and Certification system for 5 vocational qualifications was created.
2. Quality manual of VOC-Test Centre was prepared. 100 copies of this manual was printed.
3. 7 staff and 29 experts was employed and physical structure of VOC-Test Centre including three performance exam rooms, one theoretical exam room and one VOC-Test management hall were set up. with 200 participants the Inauguration Ceremony was held.
4. The Institutional Authorization Protocol by VQA to revise NOS and NQs, Work/Process Analysis Training of Experts by VQA was signed. 4500 questions was established.
5. Pilot Theoretical and Performance Exams was implemented for 150 people. 17024 quality accreditation was taken.
6. The VQA Accredited Document Establishment process was completed.
7. Raising Awareness activities were realized. 15 social media reports, 4 minutes Promotion film ,web site was realized. With 200 participants the closure meeting and 2 information meeting with 300 participants was held.
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