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Proje Genel Bilgileri
Genel Amacı
To increase the capacity of vocational teachers for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in line with technological transformations and sectoral needs and to develop an active and efficient relationship between education and employment are constitute the overall objective of this project.

Özel Amacı
1) To establish Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sectoral Centre for VET Competence Development (MCCI SCVCD) 2) To organize theoretical and on the job applied-training programs for vocational teachers to improve their competencies. 3)To raise awareness of business world and education sector about the importance of cooperation with each other. 4) To establish a network to bring together business world and vocational education sector. 5) To create new training methods and learning materials in line with the technological advancements 6) To establish of online learning and network platform as an extension to services of MCCI SCVCD.. 7) To Organize an international conference for the purpose of transferring best practices between EU and Turkey

Beklenen Sonuçlar
At least 30.000 SuTPs/Turks receive skill mapping which will enable them to receive vocational guidance in line with their existing skills and skills gaps.
At least 30.000 SuTPs/Turks receive vocational guidance which will enable them to be guided to (1) certification process within the project if they have existing vocational skills, or (2) vocational training programmes provided by other stakeholders if they do not have any vocational skills.
At least 20.000 SuTPs/Turks participate in preparation programmes (2 days) at voluntary companies which enables them to have prior understanding on the examination system using national qualifications, which are approved by the Vocational Qualifications Authority.
At least 15.000 SuTPs/Turks are certified which enables them to validate their qualifications to enter in the labour market.
At least 3.000 certified SuTPs/Turks are employed by the companies in the regions.
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