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TREESP2.1.IQSES/349 Social Partnership for Special Education
Proje Genel Bilgileri
Genel Amacı
cooperation between local government, public institution and NGO to improve the special education services offered to children throughout Samsun. Enhancing the quality of the education that the students with Down syndrome and learning disability take, the teachers and the families will get supportive trainings. Our main purpose is to strengthen the education sector and increasing the level of welfare in Samsun, which is the center of TR83 Region. The level and the coverage of education is an important sign for the development of a city. It will be a positive situation for every aspect of the society if the individuals who need SE can have better conditions about learning. The importance that the city gives to the education will give a better image to the city as being a livable place so the number of investments by the private sector will increase and the increasing investments will help more people to be employed and surely this will be the reason for the wealth of the region to be enhanced.

Özel Amacı
Our special purposes; SO1- To enhance SE in Samsun with the cooperation of Local Authorities, Public and the Non Governmental Organizations by getting students with light and medium levels of Mental Deficiency as base (DS and LD).SO2- The modelling of home support services for the families who have children with Down Syndrome where those children have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome in their early childhood. The integrating education covers the the training of children and their adaptation to the society who needs SE under terms of family, peer and enviroment. The responsibility of education related with these children does not only belong to the schools(Ministry of Education) but also public organizations, local authorities, job associations, universities, civil society organizations. We established partnerships with Samsun RAM and Down ÇED Charity who are powerfull local authorities and has voice over 3 different town. We will try to raise awareness with the notifications aiming the society in local zone.

Beklenen Sonuçlar
1- At least 100 teachers who are working in the pre-school, inclusive class or special education classes have been improved about their levels of their information and awareness on specific learning disability. 100 teachers empowered by education. 2-day training curriculum. 100 Participation certificates. Ministry of Education would be on duty. Evaluation survey report. (Related Activities 1-Preperational activities and 2 Training of the educators.) 2- A pool of educators that consists of 20 trainers about learning disability. 20 teachers who qualify for the trainer, 2-day training curriculum. 20 Certificate of Participation. Number of trainers organizing courses after receiving training. (RA 3- Training of the educators). 3- Potential educators and social shareholders have been informed about dyslexia. 1 National conference, 4 expert presentations, at least 100 participants, 1 Infographic brochure, 2 2-hour seminars each held at the University. At least 200-student participation. (RA 4-Conferance Awareness of LD and DS- 5- Informational seminars to the university students about special education). 4- On the field of pre-school and inclusive education, 100 teachers’ information and awareness level has been raised about how to approach the students with Down syndrome, individualization of training and new scientific teaching methods. 100 teachers with 2 days of training and awareness raising in 7 groups.

Ulaşılan Sonuç ve Çıktılar
At least 100 teachers and special educators gained more advanced knowledge about OES. 100 Participation Certificates. Evaluation Survey reports. A trainer pool of 20 people was created on OES. 20 Participation Certificates. LD and DS topics were raised at local agenda, awareness was increased. 100 teachers gained advanced knowledge on the approach to DS students. A home based support training team of 10 people successfully completed the theoretical training. -50-hour training curriculum.
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